NIKE AIR MAX 95 – The History – Video 2015

NIKE AIR MAX 95 – The History – Video 2015

NIKE AIR MAX 95 – The History – Video 2015


NIKE AIR MAX 95: The History


Minutes Transcription

00:00:00 brand new video and today we’re gonna
00:02:00 talk about the history of the iconic Air
00:05:00 Max 95 the visual design of the Nike Air Max 95
00:09:00 was created by Sergio Lozano who
00:12:00 based the design of the human anatomy
00:14:00 you can see some of those features on
00:16:00 the shoe from the back which resembles
00:20:00 the spine you can see right there gives
00:27:00 you good structure on the back of the
00:29:00 shoe just like the spine gives you on
00:31:00 your back and then you also have it on
00:34:00 the bottom of the shoe and then the
00:39:00 uppers represent the skin ribs tendons
00:43:00 as you can see your mesh for
00:45:00 breathability just like a lung your
00:48:00 tendons that keep your body parts
00:50:00 together right here so a great idea by
00:56:00 Sergio by adding human features to a
00:59:00 shoe the Air Max 95 was the first pair
01:03:00 in the line to utilize two air cushions
01:06:00 and the forefoot so they added more
01:10:00 comfort to the runner because basically
01:14:00 this was a running shoe top-of-the-line
01:17:00 during its time obviously now it’s not
01:21:00 due to the technology being old it also
01:24:00 uses air pressure technology to fit the
01:26:00 curvature of the wearer’s foot if you
01:30:00 guys look at the Air Max 95 it’s not a
01:35:00 straight molt it’s actually curved so
01:42:00 the same way your foot is curved this
01:44:00 shoe is curved to give you the best fit
01:47:00 a cost issue is made with sweet panels
01:54:00 3m scotchlite nylon mesh color visible
01:58:00 air units your color visible air units
02:01:00 obviously are right here which gave the
02:05:00 Air Max sort of a personality because
02:09:00 not only did it have a color swoosh
02:13:00 color eyelids and logo it also it also
02:18:00 had air bubbles to help the shoe pop
02:22:00 then you have your 3m which on this
02:26:00 tongue right here lights up and on the
02:30:00 back which give it gives it a little
02:34:00 flavor to it so it’s not just a plain
02:37:00 gray shoe with a little hint of neon
02:39:00 gives you some brightness as well at
02:44:00 first the shoe had no Nike branding but
02:47:00 later change with a swoosh to the heel
02:51:00 Sergio wanted no solutions at all on the
02:55:00 shoe and I’ll show you guys blueprints
02:58:00 of the actual Nike Air Max 95 before it was
03:00:00 produced he wanted no swooshes now the
03:03:00 reason for this was he believed Nike was
03:06:00 big enough to release a shoe with no
03:08:00 swooshes just based on the brand that it
03:12:00 will sell of course tinker had a few had
03:16:00 had a few you know inputs into this shoe
03:19:00 and a few other nike designers and these
03:22:00 decided to just added to just add a
03:26:00 small swoosh to the heel so as you can
03:31:00 see basically the entire shoe besides
03:33:00 this swoosh is plain not like a lot of
03:37:00 other shoes to have the Nike swoosh
03:39:00 about place three times you know three
03:42:00 places on the shoe this shoe just has
03:45:00 one Nike swoosh gray sneakers didn’t
03:52:00 sell well at the time as you can see
03:55:00 mostly uh a lot of the classic Air Max
03:59:00 95 s are mostly grey based like the
04:03:00 neons the max orange the chili res the
04:06:00 sport reds they’re mostly a grey base
04:10:00 shoe now during this time gray sneakers
04:13:00 did not sell well so Nike was a little
04:16:00 hesitant with going with this colorway
04:19:00 Lizano took the challenge using dark
04:22:00 gray and black and he put it on the base
04:25:00 of the shoe
04:26:00 that that dealt with most areas that
04:29:00 accumulate dirt so he put these colors
04:34:00 accordingly where dirt usually
04:36:00 accumulates on a shoe so you put the
04:38:00 black and a dark gray on the lower
04:41:00 levels and then the lighter colors on
04:44:00 the upper because on the lower levels
04:46:00 that’s basically where the dirt
04:47:00 accumulates unless someone steps on your
04:50:00 shoe so Nike went with the with the plan
04:55:00 they went with a different layer of
04:57:00 Gray’s and they put that by corporation
05:02:00 of the neon yellow was a nod to Nike
05:05:00 heritage defining racing kit so that’s
05:08:00 why they chose that Nike the neon color
05:12:00 as the first colorway for the Air Max 95
05:15:00 and that’s why it’s so a comic because
05:17:00 it praised true it pays tribute to the
05:19:00 Nike heritage defining racing kit with
05:24:00 over 150 colorways and Counting Lozano
05:29:00 did a great job creating a classic
05:31:00 signature shoe for Nike like I said
05:36:00 earlier it’s one of the most reproduced
05:38:00 shoes ever and I believe now there are
05:45:00 over 200 different colorways released of
05:48:00 this shoe and tons more on my Eid that
05:53:00 you can make your own but retail shoes
05:57:00 release it’s over 200 pairs different
06:01:00 colorways different materials use and
06:03:00 this shoe continues to upgrade with the
06:06:00 flight net added the jacquard and other
06:10:00 materials added to this classic shoe to
06:12:00 upgrade it but this is a timeless shoe
06:16:00 and never gets played out as you can see
06:19:00 this is the 2009 version still fresh and
06:23:00 clean you can never get tired of the
06:28:00 neon Nike Air Max 95 if you like more videos
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06:35:00 short history lesson on older shoes and
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